Thitathan Newsletter

Dear Ones, You may have been following the news concerning flooding in Thailand. More than 300 people died in the flood. 28 provinces are under the water. The pictures of people swimming to get food, water and help are common in the country. All the hospitals in the afflicted areas had to move all the patients to hospitals in other provinces. Many Industrial Parks are flooded. The estimation for the lost is well over 100,000,000,000 Baht. At this point, the water from the North is reaching Bangkok. Also, it rains is coming down very hard at my house. The sea level will reach the highest point in two days. The water right in front of my house is now more than three feet deep. They expected the water level here will reach six feet. It means that the water on the first floor of my house could be four feet deep. Today, young people from BSLI and RCC came to help me move the furniture from the first floor up to the second floor. The dining table and kitchen items are too heavy to move. I sent Penjai and Pueun to stay with the Thai National Dressage Team at Pattaya. They are having a training camp for those who are on the National Dressage team that is receiving training to go to the Southeast Asian Game in Indonesia next month. So. they are saved from flood water. Prae, her husband and I are staying at home to make sure everything is OK from the flood. Please continue to pray for us in Thailand. Pray that the Nation Wide Christian Camp next week will be able to happen. God’s blessings, Patinya