Doris Morrison- Happy New Year

Dear Friends, Family & Supporters, I hope and pray that God's blessings be with each and everyone of you during this new year. You know how American's are always making resolutions that they very seldom keep, but I am making one that with God's strength I can carry it through even for the next several resolutions. And that is to keep on keeping on Christ and the children are what keep me going. There is so much going on and I am so busy trying to get everything set up for Tuesday when we start our new classes for the school that I am falling way behind.. And to my sorrow this afternoon I found a major error in my paperwork that is causing me to have to go back to square one and review each page againl. I know you have no idea what I am talking about so I will briefly fill you in. The program we are using TPR (Total Physicial Response), I have in my head but the guys working with me cannot read my mind and I cannot be in 3 classes at one time so I am trying to put it all on paper so they have a guide line to follow. Also, it is a tool they can use in the process of better learning the English. Next, we are considering starting to have a fellowship meal one Sunday a month in hopes the people will see Christ in us. Our evangelism worker talked to me this evening after the announcement of this and as we discussed food our minds were brought to the fact that they take food to the Pagados for the monks but cannot eat any of it. When they learn to bring food for the fellowship then they will be able to eat. I spoke with Rich Dolan today at Phnom Penh church and he agreed it will be a great outreach for the community. So I am looking forward to it and watching God work as I am losing $200.00 a month in support due to the drought in West Texas. But I know God will provide. I get excited sometimes waiting to see what and how he will take care of us. We had several new faces in worship service this evening and Vannak's wife came. We are praying that she will come back and be with us. The school registeration is still processing. Sophy signed the papers last week and I was in hopes it could be finalized before the end of the year but that didn't happen. So hopefully soon. This is going to open more doors for outreach of which we are excited. Rich is also working on getting some of the CBI students to come out and work with our children during the worship service. As I have stated over and over, the children are the future of Cambodia. We also are possibly looking at a new project to work on which will be helping many in this area. I can't say too much right now until we get all the details woked out. But as soon as this all falls into place I will be coveting your prayers. Phanat Ouch in Siem Reap wants the school in Siem Reap so I am trying to figure out how to handle all of that as they have to be trained. He has a wonderful work going on with the church and his orphange so this would be a great asset for him. Please keep us in your prayers for monthly support and for workers. So many look at this as just a school teaching English but it is so much more than that. We love all of you and ask God riches blessings on you for the coming year. Doris