Support Update from the Goracke Family


It seems that every few days I receive word from brethren who have either joined with us as financial partners for the work in Singapore or are considering so. The Lord continues to bless us with one-time offerings. To date, He has secured us with 71% of our monthly needs and 100% of our one-time needs for our first budget year needs in Singapore. The monthly calculation continues to increase primarily from extra one-time contributions that are allotted towards our first year monthly needs.

This past Saturday I followed up with several calls to brothers/churches who seemed to have an interest and am giving them a bit of time before I follow up a second time. It sounds like there is one church that is very serious, but I don't know if they will join us monthly or if it will be a one-time gift.

If the Lord continues to give us the success we are experiencing, perhaps we can join the Cooks for their target date of April 1st for arriving in Singapore! .... who knows (God knows!), maybe sooner!

We covet your continued prayers!

For the Goracke family,