RECIFE Mission Report

Dear friends of our mission effort, Please pray for Brazil’s economy. • 11,400,000 unemployed • 9.32% per year inflation (One example of high prices is beans which is almost indispensable on the table of Brazilians – R$4,50 per kilo in 2015 and now is R$10,00. Milk is 5 dollars a gallon, gasoline is 3.93 dollars per gallon (this is the cheapest that can be found in Recife and most stations are higher getting as high as 4.54 dollars per gallon) • 4.58% per MONTH interest rates (personal bank loan) In 2008 when the rest of the world was hurting from the “Great Recession” Brazil was doing great and continued to do so until last year. When the world economy shows signs of growth Brazil’s hits bottom. The dollar everywhere else in the world seems to be going up. In Brazil the tendency is downward having fallen this month from 3.60 reais to each $1 to 3.23 to the dollar at the time of this writing. That is a 10% loss in buying power in one month. That means that missionaries, the EBNESR Training School and other efforts will take a double hit; one from inflation and one from the fall of the dollar. One example of this impact is our rent that is going up 10% and our buying power has lost about 10% - a double hit. Prayerfully Consider: I asked for prayers. God can certainly reverse these trends, bring down inflation and cause the dollar to rise and bring prosperity back to Brazil. But, I would also like to ask that you be an answer to these prayers, allowing God to work this out through you. If each of you could increase your giving by 10% or more or if you receive this and do not give on a monthly basis, if you could begin with any amount please do so. You can send you check clearly marked for Brazil to: Bellevue Church of Christ 7401 US-70S, Nashville, TN 37221 In our 28 years in Brazil you have not seen many requests like this one from me. We try to make do with what we have. Growth will be hampered if the situation does not improve. The Lord willing you will not see many others like this and the work will continue to prosper. Expect to receive a report shortly on a great campaign with a group of Christians from the Bellevue church of Christ and a report on our recent EBNESR graduation where the number of our total graduates passed 100! Blessings Randy and Kathy Short Recife, Brazil