Levelland Campaign

Senior AIM participated in the Levelland campaign during the week of October 10, 2010   (10-10-10)
My comments are: 
1.   Six Senior AIMers participated in the door knocking, letter writing, and personal contact:
Rilda Perry, Mary Jenkins, Leta Sarten, Brenda Hall, Cecilia Jones and Stuart Jones
2.   Donna Brooks and Philip Abuzeide from the two year track were involved.
3.   The area of town included in Jay Kelley's plan was the west side or the lower economic area.
Our team visited every door in the area set out by Jay (except for one with a very noisy dog).
We left material with the residents about the church, specifically the Austin Street congregation. 
4.   We had no negative reactions from any of the people who answered the door.  All were pleasant.
5.   Leta made a contact with one lady who then attended and is now in a Bible Study.
6.   Bev Bontrager taught the Ladies class on Wednesday morning with a good attendance.
7.   Ron Bontrager presented excellent lessons in the p.m. assembly time at the building.
8.   In addition to the door knocking; the Senior AIM team, Donna, and Philip wrote letters to newcomers
to the community.   I estimate that about 400 of these were sent out. 
9.   Door knocking was a new experience for some in our group.  They are to be commended for a
productive, positive time.   Mary Jenkins was admitted to the hospital a short time after Senior AIM
finished its portion of the campaign.
10. The brethren at Levelland were helpful and provided excellent food for the group. 

We met one true Cowboy fan who has his house totally focused on the Dallas Cowboys.  He has also ensured no unauthorized entry with steel mesh over every possible entry point.  Plus, he has six dogs - cross between German Shepherd and Alaska Husky.   He told us that the area in which he lives is not exactly the easiest to live in - hence all of the precautions he is taking. 

Please commend the six ladies who went on this adventure. Philip and myself were greatly encouraged by their positive can-do attitude.   

Stuart Jones