March 2010 Report

Dear Friends and Brethren:

I am now in South Africa and will preach at Benoni the 4th of April. My first trip out of SA will be to Zimbabwe for 10 days to teach at the Harare school, set-up last August, and to preach in various places in the cities of Harare and Mutare.  Plans are to discuss a Sunset association with the preaching school that has been in Mutare since the ‘60's.  Pray for this partnership to assist in ministry training.

A visit to Malawi in May is anticipated for some preaching during a campaign to begin a new congregation in the area where property was donated by the chief  for a training school. This Sunset-related school is being planned and sponsored by the Green Valley church in Noblesville, Indiana in 2011.  Prayers and support are requested for them to accomplish their goals to train more workers for the Kingdom in Malawi.

Before I left the States on March 29th, several donations had been received at the South Knoxville Church of Christ to help buy a bus for students at the Southern Africa Bible College (SABC) in Benoni, South Africa. The South Knoxville congregation was kind enough in agreeing to accept and disburse funds necessary to purchase this much-needed additional transportation. (See enclosed leaflet.)

It is a humbling experience to know of so many Christian friends who have already responded to our appeal for this special bus project.  A missionary cannot properly do the work without folks who believe in him and sees the needs he encounters in his course of work on the field. With several stateside donations plus some received in South Africa from churches and individuals here, we have now reached the half-way mark toward our goal of $20,000 to purchase a good used bus for the Bible College. When I return to the USA the end of May, Larry York and I plan to hit the road again to tell brethren about this most urgent need.  Right now, the SABC driver must make about 3 trips in the one bus still operating from the college campus to take the students back and forth to the Benoni church ~5 miles away, and for weekend campaigns and teaching opportunities at other congregations.  It gets very frustrating, costly, and time-consuming, to say the least.  We hope to purchase this bus before the end of the year, even by Lectureship time in September, if we can. These donations will make it possible.  If you have extra in your missions budget and can help, thanks!

Your prayers and encouragements are greatly appreciated.  They help me this year to continue training Africa’s own sons to take the Gospel to their own people, in their own villages, and in their own languages and cultural settings. We couldn’t do this without moral and financial support from many kind churches and folks who truly love the Lord and have an interest in foreign missions. Again, thank you for your confidence and support for all our efforts in Africa.  May God bless you abundantly.

Training Men for the Master in Africa,

Jerry V. Hogg

Missionary to Africa

P.S. All donations for the Bus Fund should go to:  South Knoxville Church of Christ, marked African Fund/Bus. Address: 4604 Chapman Hwy. Knoxville, TN 37920.  Phone: 865-577-9036,