February Report - Jerry Hogg

Dear Friends and Brethren:

For some reason, I kept thinking this was a Leap Year and that we’d have a longer month. February always seems to vanish quickly every year anyway. We hope everyone safely survived all the snow and ice that hampered about every State during this short month. I had to postpone 2 speaking appointments in Pikeville, KY area due to snow, not only on the mountains, but on the roads as well. It was just too dangerous to drive there.  No doubt, you were as happy to see the bad weather improve somewhat as I was, and that March promises us a bit warmer climate.  Don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring!  However, by the time it arrives here, I will be heading south to Africa (March 29th) and into Autumn again.  Can’t win ‘em all, now can you?

We did a lot of traveling to speak in many places in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, and Georgia and found that, despite the wintry weather, brethren were warm and friendly. At the end of January, we were also in Texas for the annual lectureship or workshop at the Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI).  During those 4 days, I taught 2 classes and heard many of my colleagues teach on various subjects, relating events in their particular field of work.  It is amazing what the Lord is doing (and has done) in so many countries around the world!

Bill Elliott, my fellow-missionary in South Africa, accompanied me from Knoxville across 3 states to SIBI in Lubbock, TX.  For the first time, he was able to experience Sunset first-hand.  We were both housed and graciously hosted by SIBI director, Truitt Adair, and his wife, Kay, in their lovely, newly renovated home.  Truitt and I finished our studies at Sunset in the same class way back in 1968.  Though he looks younger than me, he is still, like me, one of the “old codgers” that he sometimes refers to.  We studied as a team and went on many evangelistic campaigns together. As always, we shared a lot of stories about our times together over the years.  Bill probably learned things about me that he’d never heard before.  Nevertheless, we both thoroughly enjoyed our few days in Lubbock.

February is a very important month to me in many ways, one is that I was born on the 22nd back in 1941.  So, I turned 69 this year.  Unlike some, I have no hesitations in telling my age, or any illusions that I just might be getting younger!  My only question is: “WHERE” did the years go?  I do regret that I was almost 30 by the time I entered the ministry (and the mission field), and that I have far less time to accomplish what I would like to for the Lord in my remaining years.  I have so many dreams, so many places to go in Africa, so many works to investigate, classes to teach, and much to do to encourage brethren toward greater service in the Kingdom.  Pray that God will grant me many more years, with reasonably good health, and use me to further advance the church in Africa!

At the close of each month, we always review donations received during that time-frame, and send a thank-you letter.  Without the assistance of many churches and individuals, we could not keep going back to Africa time and again, so we thank everyone for your help.  God bless you in your every effort for Him and keep you safe and warm during this “worst of all winters” some are calling it.  Remember, He is in control, even of the weather!

Training Men for the Master in Africa,

Jerry V. Hogg

Missionary to Africa

P.S.   All donations for our efforts in Africa go to:  Sunset Church of Christ, S.I.B.I. Finance Office, 3723  34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410, Attn: Africa Fund / Jerry Hogg