Update on Sunset's Efforts to Help Haiti


We are continuing to receive donations for Sunset International Bible Institute's Haitian Relief Fund.  Read more about how we are using this money in Haiti and consider contributing.

 Sunset International Bible Institute has a partnership relationship with schools of preaching, congregations and humanitarian agencies in Haiti and neighboring Dominican Republic.  We are collecting relief funds to be used as follows:

First- to help our suffering brethren in Haiti with the basic necessities of life
Second – to minister to as many emergency needs in the community at large as possible, working through the churches or Christian organizations.
Third – to use one-third of the funds given for the spiritual and emotional follow-up in the lives of a desperate and broken populous.

As we work to accomplish these goals, we want to keep you informed of what we are doing.  Your donated funds are being used in the following ways:

  1. We are helping the homeless by purchasing tents to protect our brethren from the elements after the loss of their homes.  As you may know, upwards of a million people have been displaced as a result of the earthquake. Our hearts ache as we see many that have to live without shelter.  These tents are durable and that they will serve these families for some time to come. We are accomplishing this task in cooperation with our brethren in the states and in Port au Prince, Haiti.
  2. We are feeding the hungry by purchasing food for those who have no ability to provide for themselves.  Non-perishable items are being shipped into Haiti. However, within the Haitian marketplace there exist food items that can be locally purchased and distributed. This food is designated for the people of Port au Prince as well as countless refugees who have come into the Cap Haitian area. We are pleased to be doing this alongside our brethren at the Haitian Christian Foundation of Abilene, Texas.
  3. From the funds received, we have set aside a portion to be used to assist sister congregations as they rebuild their destroyed meeting places. This will enable some form of normalcy to return to our brethren’s worship services.  There are at least forty meeting places that have been partially damaged, or in some cases, completely destroyed.
  4. Once these immediate needs are met, we will be using up to one third of funds received to reach out to meet the spiritual needs of the people of Haiti.  We will be working with the Haitian Christians to help share the gospel locally and nationally with the now more receptive population of Haiti.

The situation is constantly changing in Haiti.  As funds come in, we will keep assessing where it can best be used. We want to do all that we can to be sure that those who receive these forms of aid will use them wisely.  We will also continue to keep you informed as to its disbursement.

Contributions may be sent to:
Sunset Haitian Relief Fund
3723 34th Street
Lubbock, TX 79410
Or give online at the button above.

Please be generous and urgent in your response. Keep our brethren and the people of Haiti in your prayers.