Update on Mary Curry and a Challenge to all Sunset Alums

Dear Friends and Family,
I know that most of you cannot go visit Mary Curry, but YOU can remember her in your prayers. Mary's family placed her in a nursing home yesterday and it is really hard on all of them. I am including a note from Cindy that I just received!!! Just breaks my heart to think of her like this. In January during one of our Lubbock snow storms some neighbors found Mary wandering the streets in her night clothes and she didn't know where she was. She has gone down hill very rapidly with this horrible disease of Alzeiheimers. Please keep Cindy and Rod in your prayers also.

I am going to include an address for Heritage Oaks just in case some of you would like to send Mary a card. Better yet.... I am going to challenge each one of you to send Mary a card!! I sure that would help her immensely....how horrible to think that family and friends are going to forget you. Mary was such an intricate part of Sunset School of Preaching and SIBI for so long. Please forward this to others and lets flood her "new home" with cards from all over the country.

ATTN: Mary Curry
Heritage Oaks Nursing Home
5301 University, Room 307
Lubbock, TX 79413