Australian Video Report - Craig and Tomya Peters

Dear Partners and Family           
The link below will take you to our November video. This one is a departure from our usual format. Often we record ourselves in our living room or in our yard. This one is done in the Blue Mountains. Tomya and I were blessed to get to teach a 26 week Parenting class for members of a local congregation. They graciously provided a two day getaway for us in the Blue Mountains. It’s kind of interesting that this was our first trip to the Blue Mountains … after all they are only just over an hour from our house. But we have not done much sightseeing.

This is also NOT really a report but rather sharing our experience with you. I hope it looks interesting enough to get a few of you to come over and visit sometime this year.

Happy Thanksgiving! Know we love you and always give Thanks to God for YOU!

Love … Your Mission Partners in Australia … Craig … Tomya … and Micah (Who is NOT in the video)