Wednesday Morning Report from Athens


Greetings in the Lord,

I know I haven’t been very prompt in getting my Wednesday morning reports to you this year.  Sorry about that.  No excuses.  Know that in spite of where life has been taking us, we constantly keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

I always think that things might slow down this last term just after graduation and just before summer break.  And then I’m always surprised.  What a great week this has been.

Yohannes Woldearegaye, our Ethiopian student, approached me this week and wanted to sit down and have a serious talk.  You guessed it.  He wants to be baptized for the remission of his sins.  He was worried that I might have a problem with that.  When I told him I was delighted that he had made this decision, he was beside himself with excitement.  He has decided that we will do his baptism this coming Monday at the school.

He wants to be a little quiet about this here for a bit, in that he is afraid he is going to receive some severe persecution and ostracism from his Ethiopian community here in Athens when they find out.  He told me that even at this point his wife is against his being baptized.  But, he is determined to do it and walks in faith that God will take care of him.


I also had a visit with one of our other new students, who just turned in her application paperwork about a week ago.  Her name is Giasmin (Jasmine) Najat Ibrahim Ogbu.  She was a Muslim until a few years ago and was only recently introduced to Christianity.  She was sitting in our Romans class on Saturday and when we got to Romans chapter 6 she started asking all sorts of questions about baptism.  The more we talked the more she began to question her initial baptism at a local Pentecostal church.  She came up to me afterwards and said she wants to sit down with me and Diana and study this out real soon.  She wants to make absolutely sure she has been baptized for the right reasons.  We’re excited about that.


And that’s not all.  In addition to Giasmin I have two other applications in hand for new students who want to start attending school in the fall.  One of them, a fellow by the name of Oise Roberts Octhaede  was also sitting in that same Romans class.  Afterwards he also came up to me and said he wanted to study further about baptism.  We studied Monday afternoon for about an hour and a half and he too expressed a desire to be baptized.  When I asked him when he wanted to be baptized he said he wanted to contact Victor Adekola and Nicholas Aduloju as he wants them to be present when he is baptized. You know both as graduates of the school, and they were the ones who brought him to the school.  I told him to call me right away when he was ready and I would be there.  I’m currently waiting for his phone call.


Still more going on this week.  Sunday after class and just before worship service, three new faces came up to me and said they wanted to talk to me.  I sat down with them and they said that they wanted to become students in the school.  I always ask where they heard about the school. They said that they were invited by students of the school to come to graduation.  They came and each said they liked what they saw and want to become part of the school this fall.  They too walked out that evening with applications.


I will be attending an area wide church retreat this afternoon thru Friday out near Ancient Corinth.  One of the attendees will be Tom Black, who is a missionary in Sophia Bulgaria.  He has been in touch with me for some time now talking about a young man in Sophia who would like to come to Athens and begin studying with the school this fall.  Tom was hoping this young man named Stephan can come with him to the retreat.  I may be meeting with him later this afternoon.  I will have an application in hand.


Let’s see if I’ve done my math right.  There may be three baptisms, coming up this coming week.  I’ve been handed three filled out applications in this past week.  And there are now three, possible four after today, applications that might be handed back in the very near future.


Indeed, it’s been a great week.  As partners in this work, all of you share in this blessing together.


Luv Ya

In HIS Mighty Name