April News from Africa

Dear Folks:

Getting home the 27th was good . I was so tired. During my six weeks away, I visited 5 countries which included Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was the right timing and season for good weather on both sides - not too hot, not too cold in either place. Signs of early Fall and cooler temps were starting in the Southern Hemisphere where the days were getting shorter, the sun going down earlier. Our God has made a wonderful planet for His children as our temporary dwelling-place! 

For years I have accumulated Voyager Miles with both South African Airways and United Airlines for local connections. Until now, I was unable to take advantage of them - not enough miles or something. On this trip I paid for tickets to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia & Botswana using Voyager Miles, and only had to pay the tax in cash. This was such a savings for me. At last, I was able to enjoy the extra miles for a good cause!

It was sooo good to be back home in my little flat on the SABC campus, meet the new students, and visit staff and the students I have taught in the past couple of years. Fred Bergh, SABC Director, had hip replacement surgery just as I got there so he was recuperating at home in Pretoria. I was able to visit him once. He is so important to the Bible College and I was glad to see that he was getting this surgery behind him and was well on his way to recovery. Even in his absence, things were handled well by other faculty members. Al & Donna Horne were there to work with the college for a month. Visiting them was their oldest daughter, Lisa, and hubby Des Steyn, with their 2 daughters. Their 2 older sons are married now and have families of their own. Both Lisa and Des are former SABC students. It was good to have "tea" once again with the Hornes and the Steyns at the kitchen bar in what we sometimes call the "Horne Hilton"!

My first trip out was to Harare, Zimbabwe for a weekend evangelistic meeting with SABC graduate Leonard Magayo and the good brethren at the Avondale congregation. I was able to deliver funds to help them feed the hungry that had been sent to me. Folks from the recently established New Caledonia congregation were part of the meeting, and I was able to visit them one Sunday afternoon on the farm where government officials had re-located them. They have literally built their homes from "the ground up" (mud bricks & thatched roofs) and are rebuilding their lives. What an experience to witness their love for the Lord!

In Malawi, I visited property for a training school with 2 elders from Noblesville, IN. The school in Lusaka, Zambia has made a lot of progress, also the Sunset Branch school in Botswana. I worked with Bill Elliott and brethren in East London in a weekend campaign and participated in a missionaries’ retreat at George, South Africa with John Reese (WBS director), his wife (Beth), and others. A whirlwind trip this time. 

Your support and your prayers are much appreciated for our efforts in Africa. We visited with a lot of folks, preached and taught classes whenever we could, and encouraged God’s people to move forward to train others as workers in the Kingdom. We bring greetings from many brethren. If you would like to support any of these schools, teachers, or students directly, I can supply details.   Some may also receive a copy of these reports by regular mail.  Just want you to know how much we are indebted to those who partner with us in the Lord's work in Africa.  Attached is more information and a few photos about the places where I visited in March and April of this year.  God bless you and your loved ones.

In Gratitude for Blessings,

Jerry V. Hogg

Missionary to Africa

P.S. Thank you for helping our efforts in Africa. Please send all funds to: Sunset Church of Christ, S.I.B.I. Finance Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410 - Attn: African Fund / Jerry Hog