Translation Center Progress Report


MAY 2009 . . . . Sunset International Translation Center

Can you believe that summer is almost here and this school year is almost over? Sunset International Bible Institute's Graduation ceremonies will be May 23rd. Some of our Branch Schools have already had their celebrations and others are coming up in June. 


It has been almost a year since I sent out a Sunset International TRANSLATION CENTER (SITC) report. This has been an amazing year with progress in every area of the SIBI network. For that reason I have decided to send individual language reports to be able key in on our different translations. Please know that we continue to work in the fields of English, Arabic, Khymer, Russian, Portugese, and Spanish even if you do not receive a progress report for one of those  languages. Please contact me at the addresses/numbers below if you would like more information about any or all of these languages. 


The SITC has become a VISION not just for the faithful ones who first dreamed of having biblically sound materials available to every nation, every tribe, and in every tongue; it has become a VISION that is reaching out as an amazing MISSION FIELD for the Sunset Internation Bible Institute. There are presently over twenty (20+) books in our English Sunset Bible Study Library series. The goal of the SITC is to have each one of those books translated within the years to come. We can not do that without your help. Please support us financially if possible, but above all else with your prayers. All of our books are available for a set price through the Sunset Extension Department which is now located in the Cline R. Paden Resource Center located at 3710 34th Street or online at: Not only do our funds pay for translation, editing, AND printing, they also help us to offer all of our translated materials FOR FREE to all of our Branch schools worldwide for their own libraries, as well as a copy for each student enrolled in those schools. This has become quite an project considering the growing number of Branch schools and students. These students now well exceed our residential students and our numbers are multiplying daily.     


For this report, I am especially excited because we have finally been able to print a number of our Spanish works. I know for those of you who worked on these manuscripts, it has seemed much too long a wait. The translation process is a lengthy one for the SITC because we work very hard to make sure that Sunset has a reason to be proud of everything we produce from the Sunset Institute Press. 


As of May 2009 we have the following books IN PRINT in SPANISH and available through the Sunset Extension Department:

  • Acts by Abe Lincoln
  • Bible History 1 by Richard Rogers
  • Bible History 2 by Richard Rogers
  • 1 Corinthians by Abe Lincoln
  • Ephesians by Gerald Paden
  • Epistles of John by Gerald Paden
  • The Case for Historic Christianity by Ed Wharton
  • Timothy & Titus by Tex Williams


By the end of this next school year (2009-2010) at Sunset International Bible Institute, we hope to be able to have the following six (6) Spanish books in print, and perhaps even all available on line:

  • Biblical Interpretation by Charles Speer
  • Christian Home by Ken Wilson
  • 2 Corinthians by Abe Lincoln
  • Hebrews by Gerald Paden
  • Life of Christ by Richard Rogers
  • Paid in Full: Romans by Richard Rogers

We covet your financial support and your prayers on our behalf. We serve an amazing Father. May He richly bless you as you serve HIM.


In His Service,


Darlene Morris