April Update, Biblical Institute of Central America

Dear Co-workers,

Blessings to you and yours. Praise God for His grace and mercy. Much thanks to you for your financial help. Thanks for the many prayers. Last week, an elder told me that he prayed for me 5-6 times a week. That made my day/week!

Let’s look at the reports for the first 10-11 weeks of 2009. In Guatemala, we had 72 baptisms with 21 restorations. Some of the campaigns were more difficult because they were in 100% Mayan villages. The language and cultural difficulties naturally hindered the number of responses. We are happy to make these inroads.

I am very pleased with William Racancoj in Honduras. He is the new director; with only 16 students, they have baptized 105 and restored 114. Also, they have helped start at least three new works. In Nicaragua, over 160 have been baptized through March. I do not have the restorations number. So totally, we have more than 337 baptisms, plus very many restored to God’s glory.

In Nicaragua, the school has started 17 growing groups on Thursday nights in Jinotepe (where the institute is located). They are spread all over town with a strong evangelistic purpose. I would not be surprised to see 100-150 saved this year from this one effort. What will the Lord help us to do in three or four more years? It is thrilling just to think about it! In Trapiche, Jutiapa, Guatemala, a new church was started. Two students will travel there every weekend.

It pains me to talk about money; however, it is necessary to reach the multitudes. God wants us to sacrifice to reach the many lost souls. In the Guatemala/Honduras work, we need about $2500/month to break even. The Nicaragua work needs about $1800/month, especially by January 2010. If everyone will increase some, we will be on solid ground. We all have worked so very hard to get to this point. Let us move faithfully forward. Thank you for your past and forward sacrifices. You bring salvation to thousands. Is there anything greater?

Lately as I travel about, I hear serious renewed interest in reaching the lost in the USA. This is wonderful. God will bless what we have been commanded to do.

The next few weeks promise to be very busy. April 11-26, I will be in Central America. Eleven “gringos” from Texas will go with me for an evangelistic campaign near Managua, Nicaragua (one week). Then on April 23, I plan to travel through Honduras to El Salvador for a Saturday seminar where I will teach on evangelism. Saturday evening, I travel to Guatemala to return to the USA on Sunday, 25 April. May 1-10 finds me in Tyler/Whitehouse, TX, to assist the brethren in evangelism. The Mission Resource Network sponsors a church planting seminar at the Legacy Church of Christ in North Richland Hills, TX. I plan to attend April 13-16, Lord willing.

As always, always pray for us.

In Christ,

George W. Hall