February Report from Jerry Hogg

February, being the shortest month of the year, always slips away faster than we anticipate. There is never sufficient time to cram in all we plan to do. We trust this report finds you well and prosperous. In these days, with the downturn in the economy and the stock market going in the wrong direction, we thank God for every blessing more than ever. We have been working hard to firm up the support from churches and individuals for this year. Surprisingly, brethren everywhere I go say they are anxious about the future, but commitments for our work have been great. God is good and the church is still spreading the flame.

News from the Southern Africa Bible College is encouraging.   A new school year started the middle of January with a good crop of students from many places.  I will be meeting the new students and greeting those I taught last year during my visit in March and April.  It was good to hear that there are now 48 students - 14 females this year. I believe that is the highest enrollment ever. I'm not sure if all the students have arrived yet.  Getting visas in places from neighboring countries sometimes takes time. I will have information about the full student body in my next report. There is renewed energy at SABC.

My knee therapy continued into February and I am walking much better with hardly any pain now. On days when I'm busy and on the go, I get tired and have some discomfort, but really feel I'm back to normal. The surgery was successful in relieving the original pain, and therapy has restored movement in the joint. Since all this started with me, I've had different versions on the success of this type of surgery.  Some say it worked for them, others tell they had to later have complete knee replacements.  I am grateful that for me at this point, it is not recommended. Ann and I both have had a bad cold, but hers lasted much longer than mine. Having speaking appointments every weekend, I visited the doctor early on and began medication sooner than she did.

Recently, we have gotten several donations from folks in different places to help our graduates and others in Zimbabwe who are struggling to feed their families. I will be distributing these funds during my 3-day weekend meeting on March 20-22 in Harare. We thank God for stateside brethren who assist others in need.

Thank you so much for all your support, interest, and prayers.  In addition to helping with famine relief in Zimbabwe, I will be speaking in several places and visiting schools of preaching during my 6 weeks' trip to Southern Africa.  Pray for success in all that I do while there. God bless you and your family in the Lord.

There are always risks wherever you go in the world, but we are more aware of possible dangers when we visit foreign lands. We desire your prayers for "traveling mercies" as the South Africans say, during my upcoming trip to Africa in March . Pray for us as we do for you. We appreciate all you do for the Kingdom.

Jerry & Ann

Missionaries to Africa