Larry Deason Goes Home

Larry Deason As many of you may know, brother Larry Deason (an author and graduate of the early days of Sunset) passed away this past Sunday. 

Here is the report from his brother Bobby:
"Dear friends, and family,
John Larry Deason our dear beloved, husband, father, granddad, great granddad, brother, uncle, cousin and friend died this morning at 10:32am. He struggled for enough oxygen the last couple of hours, but didn't seem to be in pain. He died very peacefully - in the presence of his wife Helen, daughters Sherri, Tammie, Bill Bean, Brian Wallace sons-in-love (law), Amber McBrayer (granddaugter), his sister Janice and husband Henry Reist, also Joanne and Bobby Deason. The sixteen and a half hours that it took for him die, after making the decision that's what he wanted to do; was a time of singing, love and encouragement with the family. The best time of all was when Larry came out of seven hours of sleep at 2am, and blessed us with teachings straight from the heart, wrapped in grace and love from the Bible. It was a true blessing, a gift from God. "


My Thoughts:

This week, we lost a wonderful man and brother in Christ.  While I was teaching class at Moss Bluff Sunday morning, he passed away peacefully in his hospital bed.  Ever since receiving word of his passing, he and his family have been heavily on my heart.

Just days before I graduated from Sunset (where he also graduated from in the schools early days), all of us were given a copy of one of the many books he wrote.  Then later on that year when I moved to Florida, I was delighted to learn he worshipped with the same congregation we were at until moving on to work with the brethren at Moss Bluff.

He was so involved in foreign mission work I only had the opportunity to meet him once (he was working at a school in New Zealand for quite some time).  But it was a wonderful meeting and he encouraged Amanda and I to further our ministry and to keep writing, as we both enjoy doing.

Then seemingly just like that, he’s gone.  Though it was several months ago, it really seems as just a moment ago.  That really puts James 4:14 in perspective.  We really are but a mist that is here for a little while and then vanishes.

The memorial service was wonderful this afternoon.  People from all over the world came to remember and celebrate his life - from Florida to Vermont to New Zealand and Switzerland - so many people who he was used to touch and effect in the highest possible way.

Although so many miss this incredible man of faith and mourn for him, it is his gain.  More and more I can't wait to make it home…whenever it may be, it’s in God’s hands where it rightfully belongs and until then, I hope for nothing more than to become more like Jesus.  But when that time does come, it will be my gain as well.

He was so convicted in the Truth of the Gospel of Christ, he awoke from his sleep and was preaching into the night just hours before he passed away.

Please pray for Larry’s wife Helen (when I embraced her I didn‘t want to let her go…it was difficult), his brother Bobby and the rest of his family.

Though I only met him on one occasion, I’m grateful for that opportunity. 

Larry Deason was a fine Christian man.



As a child I visited Maple Springs Farm in Cossayuna, NY, owned by Granddad, many weekends and some summers for many years. I was best friends with Amber McBrayer, and her family takes a lot of credit for helping to raise me. I remember Granddad with his electric keyboard and karaoke machine. One time he also took us all out for McDonald's, a rare treat back then. My earlier years, when I was about 6yrs old, we would go to the Church of Christ in Clifton Park, NY, and Granddad would be preaching. He and Grandmom had so many neat stories, and would often invite their grandchildren along for their world wide adventures, after which they'd tell me all about it. I miss him. I miss all of them. I didn't even know he was sick.